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Essential Classic Romances DVD Cheap

Gone with the Wind Casablanca Doctor Zhivago

Essential Classic Romances DVD cheap
Essential Classic Romances DVD - Discs 1 & 2: GONE WITH THE WIND Disc 3: CASABLANCA Disc 4: DOCTOR ZHIVAGO
Movie Seller New Price Used Price ShippingCost* Total Cost**  
Half$12.00$2.99$14.99More Info
Amazon MarketPlace$14.79$0.00/$2.49$17.28More Info
Alibris Market$14.79$1.00/$1.99$17.78More Info
Amazon MarketPlace$21.99$0.00/$2.49$24.48More Info
Alibris Market$46.58$1.00/$1.99$49.57More Info
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** Total Cost reflects purchase price and standard domestic U.S. shipment charges for 1 order containing 1 quantity of relevant item only. Calculation for total cost excludes taxes/miscellaneous charges which may be applicable.
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